Portable Ambiance Medium & XL
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Portable Ambiance LED Light Dome | size M


Turn any place into a cozy, atmospheric environment with the Portable Ambiance LED light with its stylish wooden base and glass bulb.



The Portable Ambiance LED Light Dome

Induce your interior with a very stylish and warm touch of light art; the Glass Bell LED Light by the Dutch brand Portable Ambiance. High quality glass and a wooden base according to the latest 2017 living trends make sure your interior has the must-have accents. The light is turned on/off by a switch on the wooden base and powered by small batteries. For indoor use only.
M | 10.5 wide – 22 cm high

Effect: infinite/candle/stars/atmospheric
Type of light source: warm white LED

Light source: built-in
Operation: on/off switch under the wooden base
Material: high quality glass/wood
Power source M: 3 x AAA-battery (excl.)
Barcode M: 035239067098